Eric Taylor

The once and future Prince




A Ventrue Neonate of unusual power. Eric is the Grand childe of the late Prince Vincent Sopeck. While under the influence of the Baali Professor Grey Eric was briefly enthroned as a puppet Prince upon his grandsire’s passing. After the public and very messy death of Grey Eric fled South to Jamestown where he was installed as a figurehead Prince of a powerless Court by the Setite Tobbas. Eric held this position for about a year before selling out the city to the Sabbat and returning to Chadwick Bay where he reclaimed the throne after the Final Death of Prince Maxwell Schindler. He has since abdicated the position to focus on building his financial empire and delving into occult studies under the tutelage of his allies in the Giovanni Clan.

Eric is the owner and primary resident of the Taylor Estates Hotel and Casino.

Eric Taylor

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