M. Brace

Neighborhood Bar Owner


A Malkavian entrepreneur based largely out of Jamestown. Brace followed Eric Taylor when he returned to Chadwick Bay following the fall of Jamestown to the Sabbat. Brace and Taylor later had a falling out surrounding a power play by the Malkavian to ascend to the Prince’s Throne upon Taylor’s abdication. The correlation between this abrupt dissolution of what had formerly been a fast friendship and the sudden Final Death of Brace not long after is still a matter of idle gossip at Elysium.

Brace hit upon the idea of opening a chain of locally owned and operated bars that catered to vampires. Each dubbed a mini Elysium by Prince Taylor. The tradition of Brace’s Bars as neutral, protected ground continued long after the Malkavian’s death.

Brace was a Coterie Mate with Virgil Arkham the Elder for some time and took an interest in the adventures of Vergil Arkham the second with something akin to the presence of a kindly uncle.

Brace played a significant role in the Final Death of the original Virgil, a fact that they younger Arkham is unaware of.

M. Brace

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