Maxwell Schindler

Hot Tempered Prince


The Primogen of Clan Brujah under Prince Vincent Sopeck, Schindler was a vocal critic of Professor Grey and Eric Taylor alike. Schindler actively worked to undermine Taylor’s Princedom both before and after the Final Death of Professor Grey.
Schindler would later rise to become Prince himself when Taylor fled South to Jamestown for a few years. The Brujah spent most of his tenure in the position dismantling the alliances and boons set up by his Ventrue predecessors in an attempt to cripple any return Taylor might elect to make. This had the unintended consequence of increasing the popularity of the absent former Prince in the eyes of the old favorites.

Schindler met Final Death at the hands of the same pair of Assamites that slew Professor Grey shortly after Eric Taylor returned to Chadwick. However the damage to Taylor’s network of power had been done.

Maxwell Schindler

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