Professor Grey

The power behind the throne


Meticulous about appearances, and eager to dispel the general stereotypes of his bloodline, Grey presented himself as a kindly middle aged Professor of Theology at the local university. Wire rimmed glasses and tweed suits were his customary raiment. He himself was a tall man, with hair that was beginning to thin and the beginnings of mid life weight gain.


A canny old Baali that masqueraded successfully as a Tremere for many years in the city of Chadwick Bay. Eventually rising to become the Seneschal of the city Court under Prince Vincent Sopeck. This position allowed him to petition for, and receive the right to begin his own “Chantry” within the Domain, stocked with a hand picked mix of his own Childer and sympathetic infernalists.
Thus established, Grey was later asked to mentor young Eric Taylor after the disappearance of the latter’s sire. A task the Professor accepted with gusto, molding the neonate into a ruler of his liking.
Prince Sopeck was tricked by Professor Grey into believing that there was an immediate danger of a Sabbat Crusade against him and his city, a threat made more reasonable by the actual Fall of Atlanta and much of the East Coast to the rival sect in the late ’90s. During one such “attack” the Prince fled to a prepared safe house with his Seneschal and grandchilde Eric. Grey then diablerized the Prince in front of the horrified Eric.
After the death of Sopeck and the coronation of Taylor Grey made several calculated moves toward a more “open minded” society; including influencing the young Prince to extend a Primogen’s chair to the newly arrived Clan Giovanni, and revealing himself as a Baali to the Primogen Council at large.

Grey was eventually slain by a pair of Assamites he himself had brought into the city as extra protection for his Ventrue Protege.

Professor Grey

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