Vincent Sopeck

Late Prince of Chadwick


Grandsire to Eric Taylor and unwitting author ofProfessor Grey‘s rise to power, Prince Sopeck was the undisputed leader of Chadwick Bay’s Kindred nearly since the founding of the city. A reign that ended in gibbering paranoia as the Millennium drew near.
Prior to his madness, Sopeck was a fairly progressive Prince, by Kindred standards, even advancing a place on the Primogen Council to Duce Carter, the leader of the Anarch movement within the city.

Prince Sopeck was tricked by Professor Grey into believing that there was an immediate danger of a Sabbat Crusade against him and his city, a threat made more reasonable by the actual Fall of Atlanta and much of the East Coast to the rival sect in the late ’90s. During one such “attack” the Prince fled to a prepared safe house with his Seneschal and grandchilde Eric. Grey then diablerized the Prince in front of the horrified Eric.

Vincent Sopeck

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