Unfortunate Childe


Like any other Nosferatu Grendel is horrendously hideous in ways nigh indescribable. His defining feature however is his legs. Some odd trick of the Embrace caused his knees to reverse, giving him a very unique shuffling gait.


Youngest Childe of the Nosferatu Primogen Scratch. Grendel was something of a non-entity in Chadwick Bay until the Disappearance of Bobby Delmonte. Grendel was accused of the crime of having murdered Delmonte, thus violating the Tradition of Destruction. He fled to the labyrinthine warrens of the Nosferatu beneath the city and hid there under the protection of his sire for many years until Delmonte appeared again in town, alive and well and fully exonerating the Nosferatu from the murder charge.
While Grendel was in hiding his mortal family; daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter, were murdered by the second Vergil Arkham in a hunger frenzy. Grendel quickly learned of the deaths upon his reemergence, but never learned of the identity of the murderer.
Prince Kenneth Blackwater claims to possess the identity of the killer, and dangles the knowledge over Grendel’s head as a means of control. Grendel has become slavishly devoted to the Prince as a result in the hope of one day learning the name of his enemy.


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