Vergil Arkham

Forgotton Son


Only Childe of the Malkavian Virgil Arkham. Vergil the second emerged into Chadwick Bay shortly following the death of Virgil the Elder. His existence was comprised of twin obsessions: discovering the fate of his sire (lovingly referred to as his “father”) and emulating the deceased Malkavian in every possible way.
A regular patron of Brace’s Bar, Vergil the Younger spent more time retracing his Sire’s nightly haunts and habits than actually solving the mystery of his death.
One glaring difference between the two Arkhams, the Younger developed a deep animosity toward Eric Taylor, the Ventrue Prince that had been responsible for the Elder Virgil’s tutelage and well being. Vergil suspected that Taylor had some involvement in his sire’s death, and the refusal of the one time Prince to even speak to his adoptive grand-childe was an irreparable wound between them.

Vergil did manage to attract the attention of at least one entity of note. The hoary old Malkavian known as the Ankou, or at least some entity claiming to be such, took a liking to Vergil and would periodically drop in to check up on the younger vampire and offer cryptic advice and tips on his bowling game.

Vergil Arkham

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